Digital Doors
This video series depicts the isolation and unforeseen transitions that came from the Pandemic in 2020. Poetry is coupled with visual metaphors to show the strangeness that occurred when life was moved indoors and human connection lived through facetime and failure. Each Volume explores a different experience of intimacy, loss, change, and death. 
 Vol. One: Digital Doors introduces the concepts of lost intimacy and consuming death through a virtual space. It uses visual metaphors such as burials and kissing to show the strangeness that was felt when entering the Pandemic. 
Vol. Two: I Want to be a Coke Commercial is a solemn piece that speaks about depression and loss of relationships. The video shows a relationship with a mannequin in an attempt to attempt to replace human connection.
Vol. Three: Lost in Plastic Love is a push further into the concept of plastic intimacy and digital connection. The duality of living beings and mannequins is overlaid with images, color manipulation, sound and poetry. 
Vol. Four: The Last Text You’ll Send is the final video in the series that deals with the pondering of death with a quality of serenity. 
And Back and Back and Back